Sunday, December 30, 2012


This blog contains author's impressions and opinions of various anime, manga, visual novels and other related stuff.

Considerable amount of posts would be author's reviews. All of those are structured in a similar way and consists of two distinct parts: spoiler-safe part and the supplementary part under the spoiler. The first one is addressed to those, who seeks my opinion in order to decide if the subject is worthy of spending time on it. The second one is addressed primary to myself. And then, to those who's already spent the time on the subject and wants to discuss it with me. All posts that are not reviews should be considered as spoiler-safe.

The author is a huge fan of contemporary Japanese (and sometimes Korean) culture. A "huge fan of" but by no means "an expert in". Just pretends to be one.

The whole idea was to create a blog, where I would write systematically what I have been writing non-systematically for years (mostly for Skype and imageboards). So I would be able to share my thoughts with my future self. And with everyone else of course. Just underlining priorities.

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